Why the World Urgently Needs to Adopt Clean Energy

By Bronagh Loughlin

According to Buy Clean Energy, “using clean, renewable energy is one of the most important actions you can take to reduce your impact on the environment”. The global climate is rapidly changing which poses increasing risks for both the environment and human health.

These changes are occurring because large amounts of greenhouse gases are being released into the atmosphere as a result of human activity worldwide. 

Burning fossil fuels is not working, I think we all know that by now, it’s harmful for the environment and ourselves and this is why we urgently need to adopt clean energy. We can no longer sacrifice the planet and our health for the sake of saving some money. 

Climate change is very real and if we ignore it any longer, it is bound to accelerate. This is no longer a matter we can sit back and think about, we need to act urgently. We have already seen the impact climate change has had on the planet from the Australian bush fires to the floods in Iran and the cyclones in South Africa. 

It is recommended that we remain below 1.5 degrees of warming and this will require serious action to undo our previous dependence on fossil fuels. We need to achieve 100 percent clean energy worldwide. 

Electricity that is generated by wind and solar power needs to lead the way in this switch to clean energy. We also need to make investments now to deploy the existing technologies and solutions for solar power and harnessing wind and for maximising both conservation and energy efficiency. 

The good news is that this is something that can be accomplished. We already have the technologies readily available to us in order to adopt clean energy. What is lacking within the motivation is the political will to implement the change and policies to encourage us to get there. 

According to The Independent, by 2030, clean energy is expected to become the largest source in global electricity production. Why adopt clean energy? Well, for the reasons above among many others. Clean energy will greatly improve the health and wellness of people on the planet. 

This is because it means there is less exposure to harmful emissions and less consumption of natural resources. The proof is in the pudding, clean energy resources such as wind and solar have no harmful impact on the air and water that we consume. 

Also, it is a fair and just solution because it reduces the negative economic, cultural and environmental impacts of fossil fuel dependence to underserved communities. Studies have revealed that most fossil fuel plants are located in low income areas which means increased health risks for those communities. 

Adopting clean energy also helps the economy and unemployment as it will create a variety of jobs. Overall, clean energy provides areas with sustainable clean, efficient power that does not drain natural resources. We have no more time to waste, we need to look after the health of the planet and ourselves.


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