Female empowerment is necessary for a peaceful and sustainable planet.

The world is improving more and more when it comes to gender equality and empowering women, but it’s still not perfect. Just look at the facts: 


  • As many as 12 million underage girls are married every year worldwide
  • On average, women have 75% of men’s legal rights
  • More than 96% of sexual trafficking involves girls and women
  • There are only eight countries in the world where there is little to no income gap between men and womenThe list goes on.These statistics are all reasons that prove we still have a long way to go. Let’s look at what female empowerment is and how we can improve it. 


What is female empowerment?

Female empowerment promotes self-worth amongst women, making women feel valued, appreciated, needed, wanted, equal. It’s allowing women to live life on their terms.

Female empowerment can be seen when exercising equal rights for women. This includes equal access to resources and opportunities, including participation and decision-making economically. It can also be defined as women having the right to determine their own choices, live freely, and be given the opportunity to influence change.

Globally, we have made progress with women’s equality and empowerment over the last few years in particular. With the “#MeToo” movement opening many eyes and International Women’s Empowerment Day (8th of March) gaining momentum, we’ve seen protests and action being taken against gender injustices.

Why is female empowerment so important?

There are so many reasons why it’s important and beneficial to everyone to empower women. Here are a few:


  • Living safe, fulfilled lives allow women to flourish and achieve their full potential
  • Empowered females will be happier. Happier mothers make for happier and mentally healthier future generations
  • Empowered females will work better when contributing their skills and ideas. This also helps to fuel a sustainable economy
  • Benefits for society and communities are numerous
  • Reduces domestic abuse by making more women feel confident to leave and receive support if they do
  • Empowering women could reduce poverty because, in many communities, it is unusual for women to work to provide money for their families; this is generally seen as the man’s role.

What can you do to support female empowerment?

There are many ways to support and improve female empowerment. The UN Global Compact came up with seven principles to follow that support gender equality which is a huge step towards more female empowerment:


1. Establish corporate leadership for gender equality

2. Treat all women and men fairly at work – No discrimination

3. Ensure the health and safety of all workers regardless of gender

4. Promote education and professional development for women

5. Implement marketing practices that empower women

6. Promote equality through community initiatives

7. Measure progress to achieve gender equality

Other ways to empower females are to be a good role model and stand up for any gender injustices you see and educate others on the subject. If we strive to empower women and create a world where females feel equal, confident, and safe, the planet will be a kinder, healthier place to live.

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