The Planet Calls to Start Offering Sustainable Merchandise Made by Edamame Eco.

DUBLIN, IRELAND – While the production of single-use plastic seems to be increasing despite concerns by the scientific community about the enormous presence of plastic waste in our oceans; The Planet Calls shows once again how it plans to establish strategic partnerships with multiple industry representatives in an attempt to tackle the issue at its origin.

Founders of the non-profit accelerator, Amour Setter and Leslie Maliepaard recently announced that they will roll out their own Edamame Eco branded product line which will be available for order directly from The Planet Calls Website.

Edamame Eco, founded by Zoe Hertelendi, produces elegant corporate gifts made from biodegradable materials. Their product catalogue includes stainless steel lunchboxes, bamboo coffee cups and a colourful choice of straws, also made from steel.

The collaboration will help bring more visibility and awareness to Edamame’s sustainable products through the accelerator’s extensive network of startups, impact investors and growing Cleantech community.

“We are enormously excited to be partnering with Edamame Eco. Being able to offer our own branded line of eco-friendly and sustainable products as corporate gifts will help us create a much-needed revenue stream to help fund the many incredible startups in our ecosystem. As a non-profit we are always looking for great partnerships like this to promote and further a circular economy” said co-founder Amour Setter.

The new partnership with Edamame Eco, effective February 2020, is seen as vital for the two brands. The brand alignment will help bring more awareness to combating the single-use plastic problem while promoting more socially responsible gifting by Corporates. The Planet Calls branded gifts will soon be available online through The Planet Calls.

About The Planet Calls

The Planet Calls is a sustainability accelerator aimed at startups with promising innovation for solving global challenges. Their objective is to build a global Cleantech community for startups and investors who are creating economies and networks in service of the Planet.

About Edamame Eco

Their mission is to provide cost-effective, affordable and reusable solutions to single-use waste. Edamame works together with their partners to ensure the materials and operations involved with the manufacture of their products meet industry standards for quality and safety, fair labour, ethical business practices, and environmental responsibility.

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