The Planet Calls Announces Partnership with African Recycler and “Greenwood” Producer, Dunia Designs

DUBLIN, IRELAND – A Tanzania-based company pioneering the production of design furniture made from reusable plastic is partnering with The Planet Calls after the successful pathfinder conference in Dublin that caught the attention of authorities to the plastic crisis in the country.  

Dunia Designs was created out of a personal desire of its co-founder, Evanna Lyons, to clean a dirt road in the African country. The idea was so popular among locals and with their help, the company grew to produce “greenwood” on a large scale for other businesses that want to replace wood in their product lines.  

The founders of both companies expect to reproduce Dunia’s model in Europe by extending collaboration with over 300 Startups in the accelerator’s database.

The founders of The Planet Calls, Leslie Maliepaard and Amour Setter, also believe that Dunia Designs can function as a logistic arm in their chain by providing a sustainable destiny to plastic waste gathered by other Startups’ solutions working with them. 

“By shifting the responsibility of waste management from government to the private industry, we are able to internalise waste management costs as well as implement circular economy principles at the heart of every business. Through our partnership with Dunia Designs, we are focused on developing an economy for secondary raw material which is produced from waste. The Planet Calls are delighted to have Dunia Designs on board and look forward to a fruitful collaboration in the future.” said Leslie about the new collaboration. 

The Planet Calls debuted in 2019 taking the non-profit route to become the first Startup Accelerator in Ireland dedicated to freeing up the environment of plastic waste. The organisation is solidifying partnerships that will support their Startups and help them attract investment from the public and private sectors in the coming years.  

This new partnership with Dunia Designs, effective now in February 2020, is seen as strategic for the Ecopreneurs involved as Ireland is failing to recycle its waste that is frequently spotted all over its shoreline making Ireland the perfect ground for upscaling Dunia’s proven and effective solution to plastics. 

About The Planet Calls 

The Planet Calls is a sustainability accelerator aimed at Startups with promising innovation for solving global challenges. Their objective is to build a European Cleantech community for startups and investors who are creating economies and networks in service of the Planet. 

About Dunia Designs 

Dunia Designs want to reinvent how people build and furnish their homes, by providing access to environmentally friendly, high-quality and stylish products. They want to create a world filled with wood-free furniture, where recycled plastics has taken its place. 

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