The Documentary

The Planet Calls – The Documentary

Every year, an estimated 8 million tons of plastic ends up in the ocean joining another 150 million tons of Plastic already there. And what’s even more staggering is that water treatment plants are not able to filter all of the microplastics that are going into the sea contributing to climate change and the potential mass extinction of marine life. Together with Idol Studios, we produced a 30-minute documentary that shows how to innovative ideas around the world are helping solve the plastic crisis.

Special Thanks

Rediscovery Centre | Dunia Designs | Eiravato | Lisa Burke | Ed Coleman | Jon Maliepaard | Daniela Mora

Directed and Edited by
Felipe Lodi

Written by Leslie Maliepaard and Felipe Lodi

Produced by Idol Studios and The Planet Calls by Leslie Maliepaard

First Assistant Director, Thalita Figueiredo


Leslie Maliepaard
Evanna Lyons
Lisa Burke
Marcin Kulik
Jon Maliepaard
Sarah Clear
Luke Murphy
Ava Maliepaard

Filming Locations

  • River Dodder, Ireland Portmarnock Beach, Ireland Sandymount Beach, Ireland


Web Footage

  • Andrew Thomas / BIRDI / Cottonbro / Jakub Gorajek / Joseph Redfield / Kelly Lacy / Peter Fowler / Ruvim Miksanskiy / Tom Fish / Pressmaster / Engin Akyurt / Magda Ehlers / Matthias Groeneveld / Michal Marek / Sean Johnston


  • Beach Walk – Unicorn Heads

  • A Guy Walks Into a Bar – The Whole Other

  • Mornful Departure – Asher Fulero

  • The Long Voyage To Outer Space – Sir Cubworth




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