How can we reduce our plastic usage?

How can we reduce our plastic usage?
Moving Water Alliance
Moving Water Alliance
How can we reduce our plastic usage?


In this episode we will discuss how we are affected by plastic usage in our personal and communal lives, how it relates with beach and river cleanups and what can we do to reduce our plastic usage. Parth Gupta (Environmentalist at The Planet Calls) invited Jennifer Damian (Biomedical Mentor and Coastal CleanUp Volunteer) who will share with us her personal story, the changes she operated in her daily life and how we can reduce plastic usage in our daily routines.

Parth and Jennifer talked about the festivities that are coming, and the waste that is produced in this time of the year. If you are looking for the perfect sustainable gift for your loved ones, step by The Planet Calls Store

For some important facts about plastic and why Zero Waste is the correct answer, do not forget to watch and share this video

This episode has been produced by Sílvia Seixas Rodrigues (podcast producer) and Francesco Rignanese (sound designer).

Hosted by Moving Water Alliance.

(An initiative by The Planet Calls)

Moving Water Alliance is home to river and beach cleanups from around the world, offering community and support to its members, and helping to spearhead riverbank restoration projects, and Zero Waste Centres in communities to educate and drive change.

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