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We’re Leslie and Amour, and there are three things that we love to talk about: Sustainability, Innovation and the Environment. In our Podcast sessions, we speak to leaders who are creating new sustainable systems towards a circular economy. Through collaboration on a global and local level, we aim to problem-solve to help build sustainable economies and networks in service of the planet and its people.

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From Surviving to Thriving: Life and Business amidst Coronavirus

In this episode, we discuss how we all coped with lockdowns and what insights we had that kept us thriving mentally and emotionally, with special guests Tessy Antony de Nassau, Alice Schmidt, and Tamy Ribeiro.

How we can build Sustainability into Strategy and Business development

In this episode, we discuss how we can build sustainability into strategy and business development, with guest James George from Ellen MacArthur Foundation.

PSYCHEDELICS – Transformational Tools or Dangerous Drugs?

In this episode, we discuss psychedelics and the effects on brain chemistry, the breakthroughs that people are having on these substances, the drawbacks, who should not be using them and what the future holds for psychedelics. Our guests: Dr Leon Strauss – Homoeopath Dr Steven Hunyi- Psychiatrist and Pierre De Backer – Mycology Enthusiast

The Use of Bamboo for Sustainable Development

In this episode, we discuss The Use of Bamboo for Sustainable Development, with guest Camille Rebelo, Co-founder and COO – EcoPlanet Bamboo. EcoPlanet Bamboo Group is the largest owner and developer of commercially grown bamboo plantations outside of China. They combine this resource base with investment into technology that enables bamboo to be a superior fibre solution across multiple sectors, including pulp and paper, engineered & structural timber, bioenergy and textiles, providing a sustainable raw resource with closed-loop technology solutions to markets that currently rely on the harvesting of natural forests for wood and fibre-based products.

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