As we know, the impact that waste is having on our planet is significant, and for that reason, we need to begin adopting a zero-waste, low-consumption lifestyle. Kickstarting this sort of lifestyle can be tricky and a bit daunting.  With plastic everywhere around us, you wonder how to avoid it and you start thinking about everything you use daily that is wasteful. To help you along your way, I consulted our global team of eco-warriors at The Planet Calls and asked them what their favourite zero-waste stores are!

Amour Setter – Co-founder/Director at The Planet Calls

Prague, Czech Republic


“Kohoutek shop is a small zero-waste store in Prague 8. Their products are produced in the Czech Republic and Slovakia which is great if you’re super conscious of your own personal carbon footprint. Their natural household cleaners can be poured into the customer’s own containers thus eliminating single-use plastic. Their e-shop launched recently, and there will be an English version very soon. Their prices are great and the owners, Fadi and Hana, are both passionate about zero waste and sustainability.”

Leslie Maliepaard – Co-founder/Director at The Planet Calls

Graz, Austria


“Damn Plastic is an Austrian plastic-free store and event consulting company; they focus on bringing accountability back to people and businesses who choose to keep using plastic, and the importance.

Bee Change is another Austrian zero-waste store with CO2 neutral shopping and recycled packaging. Their motto is Gandhi’s famous quote, “Be the change you want to see in the world.”

Aina Oluwatimilehin  – Frontend Developer at The Planet Calls

Lagos, Nigeria


“My favourite zero-waste store is Wecyclers. They transform waste PET bottles into usable commodities like bricks and shoes.”

Pablo Corona Ugalde – Project Manager – Moving Water Alliance

Mexico City, Mexico


“I would have to say the Mexican store Estado Natural. It was founded in 2017, and now there are 14 branches in Mexico City, with country-wide shipments through the online store. Offering hygiene products and kitchen accessories, they “want to fill your pantry and your house with good things.”

Jennifer Damian – Chairperson – Oversight Committee, Moving Water Alliance

Los Angeles, USA


“I love Hive Brands. They were founded in 2020 and are an online marketplace with hundreds of natural and sustainable brands offering carbon-neutral shipping. I am also a big fan of Grove, which is a sustainable, cruelty-free, carbon/plastic neutral company based in California that is using their Beyond Plastic scheme to become 100% plastic-free by 2025 for home and personal products”.

Jeannine Matthews – Bookkeeper at The Planet Calls

Cape Town, South Africa


“The Green Tap Store is a family-owned home and body products shop in Cape Town. They ship worldwide with reusable packaging, and customers are encouraged to bring their own containers to the physical store. All products are natural and cruelty-free.”

Bronagh Loughlin – Executive Editor at The Planet Calls

Dublin, Ireland


“I love Reuzi and The Kind Co. They are both based in Ireland and provide everything you could need to start a zero-waste lifestyle. They sell many amazing products from bathroom essentials to on-the-go items, plastic-free skincare, and everything in-between! Reuzi Founder Pat Kane also runs several recycling and sustainability workshops to inform, inspire and connect people. She is dedicated to making the business the educational hub of all things sustainable living. Reuzi has more than 100 zero-waste brands on their website so their customers can avail of zero-waste, plastic-free, biodegradable, vegan, natural, and cruelty-free products.”

Barbora Kučeríková – Filmmaker at The Planet Calls

Barcelona, Spain


“I frequent a regional ecological shop here in Barcelona called Frooty. It’s a family business with their own farm, all their food is sold in ecological packaging and there are also some products you can refill with zero-waste. Great vibe also!”

Be Sure to Check Out These Zero Waste Stores!

As you can see from our team’s responses, there are a plethora of zero waste stores across the globe for you to kickstart your journey. Be sure to check out some of these shops and let us know what your favourites are on social media!

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