New Communication Agency for Sustainability

Dublin, Ireland – Green consumerism is on the rise. The sustainable movement is gaining momentum. More than ever before, people want their purchases to reflect their beliefs. And now there is a global sustainable communication agency to help your brand step up.

Initially launched as a sustainability accelerator to support the commercialisation of innovative green solutions, The Planet Calls underwent a transformation under lockdown, re-emerging as a non-profit sustainable communication agency to help brands to fully realise the true potential of the green market.

If lockdown has shown us anything, it’s that the environment needs to be at the top of every business’s agenda. But going green is not just about the environment or good PR, there are financial gains to be had too. 

Led by founders and sustainability specialists Leslie Maliepaard and Amour Setter, The Planet Calls gives brands the competitive edge that only the green consumer can give them. The Planet Calls offers brands the unique opportunity to both implement systemic change as well as to develop the right messaging in tandem.

The agency’s top to bottom approach in its analysis and innovation research and development (R&D) for systematic change powers the move from a ‘take-make-waste’ linear model to the more regenerative circular economy. All the while smartly navigating the sustainability nuances of each market and ensuring your products and services bring distinct value to their respective categories. 

And the messaging is always aligned with your sustainability goals; a full communication strategy that speaks both to your green consumer and your regular consumer. Always on target, the communication strategies designed and implemented by The Planet Calls team are both creative and far-reaching. From brand identity and PR to event production, The Planet Calls is passionate about helping businesses win in sustainability. 

Maliepaard says, ‘The businesses that embrace creative strategies driven by a “planet over profit” philosophy are the businesses that can maximise new growth opportunities in this very competitive landscape. There is no doubt about it anymore: sustainability is gaining steam. And those who keep their fingers on the consumer pulse, those who walk the path of environmental responsibility, are those who are poised to reap the benefits in this new world.’

Maliepaard, who spoke last year at TEDx in Luxembourg about marine plastic pollution, is no stranger to driving innovation and business growth. Her boutique investment company invests and supports entrepreneurs in high potential startups, accelerating new discoveries and innovations for the benefit of improving environmental and human health globally.

The Planet Calls co-founder Setter is also the CEO of her own investor-centric company where she connects investors with opportunities on a global scale. Her work as a sustainability advocate and serial entrepreneur is given an edge by an award-winning career in film, advertising, and event production.

As a founding duo, Maliepaard and Setter have meticulously curated a global team of specialists who are as passionate about embracing a greener future as they are. And they are your new creative partners in a more sustainable world.

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