Ireland and The Netherlands Unite Again with Deal Between The Planet Calls and WorldStartup.

DUBLIN, IRELAND – Following the recent agreement between The Planet Calls and Groningen Seaports, that once again set Ireland and The Netherlands as evident choices for investors, the founders of the sustainability accelerator together with WorldStartup will develop a programme for companies transitioning our society to Circular Economy.

The new partnership will foster “Blue Growth” innovations by connecting the specialities of Leslie Maliepaard and Amour Setter with the operational structure brought in by WorldStartup in terms of startup support with training and mentoring and access to capital from an ever-growing network of partners.

Together the organisations will identify funding opportunities in the market, write “Call for Proposals” and seek investors and governments willing to match the financing needed by the solutions proposed by their portfolio of Startups and Scaleups involved with Maritime and Circular Economy. Companies already funded will also be able to spend their R&D and innovation budgets by engaging the acceleration provided by The Planet Calls and WorldStartup.

“We are delighted to announce our partnership with WorldStartup. We have a roadmap to accelerate the transition towards a circular economy. As planetary resources diminish, the traditional linear model (take-make-dispose) is unsustainable. I believe that by acting now and acting fast, we get to systemically make changes and decisions to create new sustainable businesses for the greater good of the planet.” said Leslie Maliepaard (Co-founder and Managing Partner).

Also asked about the partnership, Gerrit Jan van’ t Veen, WorldStartup’s CEO said: “In the upcoming months, we will witness the fragility of the human ecosystem. And we will experience once again the resourcefulness and resilience of our species—the exact reason why there are so many of us, everywhere on this planet. At WorldStartup, we are working our way through this emerging crisis, like everyone. The most important part of that is learning to cope with big challenges. Our collaboration with The Planet Calls is ideal for working on the mission we wrote down years ago and to jointly put our freshly learned lessons into practice: support the best Startups for sustainable and fair societies, with the best possible partners. We are looking forward to this journey with The Planet Calls.”

The deal between these two companies comes at a time when cross-country collaborations are under the microscope due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, and much is asked about our ability as global citizens and business leaders to mitigate issues caused by nature. The Planet Calls/WorldStartup initiative will tap into some of the Sustainable Development Goals established by the United Nations that is expected to create a new future-proof economy of more than US$12 trillion in the next ten years.

About WorldStartup

WorldStartup is a global entrepreneurship platform supporting impact startups and intrapreneurs from idea to scale-up. They mobilise the entrepreneurial spirit of Startups, corporates, research institutions, governments and investors to build the next generation of impact-driven businesses. WorldStartup helps starters and Scaleups to meet global challenges by providing tailor-made support, access to capital and access to our ever-growing network.

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