How TEDx helped me bring attention to Marine Plastic Pollution by Leslie Maliepaard

Being somewhat nervous of public speaking, I made a breakthrough this year with my first TEDx talk in Luxembourg on Sunday, the 8th of December 2019.

Driven by my personal mission to help clear the oceans of plastic pollution, I was enormously excited to be sharing my mission through such an incredibly powerful platform. My intention was for people to sit up and understand what a huge problem the oceans and marine life are facing. And they did!

Originally my mission started off as a one-woman campaign. However, after this TEDx weekend in Luxembourg, I feel most fortunate to have met a group of cross-sector entrepreneurs interested in supporting me and moving things forward on critical global issues.

Their engagement on the topic completely blew me away. I feel overwhelmed and humbled by the response and support I’ve received. They have already figured out that we don’t have much time left to reverse the damage plastic has made to our oceans. They understand that reducing our reliance on plastic means circulating it better by turning it into a commodity.

Moving forward, I am excited to be discussing their innovations and finding solutions to marine plastic pollution, making better choices and implementing a circular economy.

Together with entrepreneur and sustainability advocate, Amour Setter, we founded a non-profit organisation called The Planet Calls aimed at enabling pioneer business models through a sustainability accelerator.

Our vision is so powerful that our accelerator has partnered with Groningen Seaports in the Netherlands. A partnership that will give us a sliver of “the sea” to explore and to test the innovation of our Startups.

Groningen Seaport’s CEO, Cas K├Ânig said “A collaborative effort with The Planet Calls is a new step in the development of an innovative ecosystem for the port authority.”

The TEDx event functioned like a well-oiled machine.

I congratulate the #TEDxLuxembourgCityWomen organisers for delivering such an excellent experience for the audience and speakers. The quality of the speakers, the clear and concise communication, the photography, camera-work and the wonderful afterparty, where we drowned in Champagne, made for a very rewarding experience for all.

Special thanks to a true changemaker, Dirk Daenen who, along with his elite team, pulled this amazing event together to inspire women.

You can watch my talk HERE

If you are a startup with sustainable innovation, a corporate company wanting access to innovation or an impact investor looking for excellent deal-flow, The Planet Calls can assist you. Feel free to get in touch with us at

Leslie Maliepaard

Plastic-free Ambassador

Co-founder & Managing Partner

The Planet Calls

IMAGE CREDITS: Dominika Montonen-Koivisto and Kaori Anne Jolliffe


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