Calling all eco-conscious fashionistas!

There are now 46,000 pieces of plastic in every square mile of ocean on our planet. Information like this is hard to ignore, but there are ways to help.

One very cool way to reduce this problem is to wear some of that plastic… Yep, you read that right… wear it.

“But how can I look good if I’m wearing rubbish?” I hear you ask. Well, it turns out you can actually look fantastic in recycled plastic.


Check out these five ethical companies that have turned trash into treasure.

1. Bracenet

Did you know that discarded fishing nets (or ghost nets) make up 46% of ocean plastic?

The fantastic team at Bracenet has decided to tackle this huge problem and create something beautiful out of these discarded fishing nets. They say it’s “our mission to retrieve ghost nets from the oceans, as well as to prevent them from polluting the seas in the first place”.

Bracenet offers a range of products, the Bracenets being their biggest seller, but they also have anklets, keychains, bags, dog leads, and more, in a range of colours and styles. They even tell you which ocean your Bracenet came from!


Photo: Bracenet

2. Fish People

Fish People was started by a couple of ocean-loving ladies who wanted to make our seas cleaner by creating sustainable apparel

Using organic, OceanBalance, recycled materials, Fish People has created a beautiful collection of clothes for both men and women, including rash guards, board shorts, leggings, swimsuits, hoodies, and t-shirts.


3. Oceans

Oceans The Brand boasts that their range is “an absolute win-win for stylish people with a conscience.”

They only make men’s shorts, but these shorts come in some funky styles and colours and are made from 100% recycled fibers that come from plastic waste.

Their ecolux line “Colors of the Ocean” is designed with exclusive hand-drawn prints that get transferred to fabric using digital printing technology. They are quick-drying, durable, and completely unique.



4. Aava

Aava offers glamorous, sea life-inspired swimwear made from recycled ocean plastic.

Their swimsuits are made from reclaimed ocean waste such as plastic bottles and fishing nets. Aava says, “We partner with suppliers who are focused on sustainability and ethical practices too.” So you can look amazing in the water and feel fantastic knowing your suit is entirely ethical and sustainable.

Although swimsuits are their main seller, Aava also offers towels and accessories.



5. Seamorgens

Seamorgens was “created for ocean lovers, by ocean lovers.” They are passionate about marine conservation and developing sustainable swimwear.

To create their beautiful range, Seamorgens uses ECONYL® regenerated yarn, which is made entirely from waste materials such as fishing nets, aquaculture, and fabric scraps. They also use PET plastic bottles, which create a sustainable polyester for their printed fabrics. This polyester is excellent because it can be recycled over and over again.

By using hand-drawn prints to create unique products, Seamorgens guarantee you’ll be both stylish and comfortable in their range of women’s leggings and swimsuits.



In Summary

Many people don’t realise that
every day around 8 million pieces of plastic makes their way into our ocean

It’s statistics like this that inspired all of these beautiful people to create sustainable and marine-friendly products.

Now, what are you waiting for? Start filling those guilt-free shopping baskets!

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