Ecopreneurs Estimate Four Billion Sanitiser Plastic Bottles Overloading Recycling Facilities.


DUBLIN, IRELAND – The planet says thanks twice as much when innovators put their minds together to help solve the most immediate issues of our time. That is what Zoe Hertelendi, Amour Setter and Leslie Maliapaard are showing to the market with the launch of a new line of “greener” hand sanitisers that have reusability in the design of the product.

Early in the year, The Planet Calls sustainability accelerator joined forces with the stationery and gift producer Edamame Eco to rethink the way office gadgets and household items are sourced, produced and reused without harming the nature.

In the case of their new hand sanitiser, not only do they produce the formula according to health specifications, but they also take care in Ireland of refilling the 5-litre containers for reuse on silicone bottles. When burnt, silicone reverts back into the environment with no harm, the producers state.

With the current demand for hand sanitisers in single-use bottles, Hertelendi estimates a number close to four billion plastic containers being thrown away, overloading the already precarious recycling plants worldwide. She sees the partnership with The Planet Calls as crucial for guaranteeing that corporates and hospitals adopt sustainable measures by replacing their current plastic hand sanitisers with eco-friendly material instead.

Orders for their new cleaner and greener 5-litre refills and the silicone bottles are through the roof as corporate clients around the globe discover a charming and colourful new way of keeping their staff healthy and safe while protecting the planet. Edamame also offers the opportunity for custom branding of the products, for partners that want to send a long-lasting message to their clients.

About Edamame Eco

Their mission is to provide cost-effective, affordable and eco-friendly solutions to single-use waste. Edamame works together with their partners to ensure the materials and operations involved with the manufacture of their products meet industry standards for quality and safety, fair labour, ethical business practices, and environmental responsibility.

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