COVID-19: What we are doing at The Planet Calls

Before COVID-19 came down on us like a ton of bricks, our team at The Planet Calls was preparing for the future. We’ve been making remote working a priority for a long time. We are all about future-proofing. Our accelerator is virtual, and our team is virtual. Our focus is on solving global environmental challenges. While we were systematically plugging away and building momentum at our sustainability accelerator, things began changing very quickly around us with the arrival of COVID-19.

In the past few days and weeks, we have seen how vulnerable the human race can be, how reliant we all are on supply chains and necessary components manufactured in foreign countries. Family reunions have been canceled due to travel bans (not to even mention business meetings and conferences) and many people are stuck at borders trying to cross over. This is a time where we are discovering our interconnectivity to one another and our reliance on the environment around us.

Our team has been in deep discussions this week amidst the unfolding of the COVID-19 crisis to see how The Planet Calls can contribute to solving some of the challenges around us right now. Things like how to support the vulnerable folks in our communities, helping to educate people around us about the virus and hopefully quelling some of the fears in communities, and also how we can contribute to future-proofing our planet from catastrophes yet to be bestowed upon us in the future. If anything, COVID-19 has been a huge wake-up call on many levels. We need to take better care of ourselves and our planet.

We wish to collaborate with scientists and researchers that want to advance the idea that human, animal and ecological health are inextricably linked and need to be treated as one ecosystem to help find solutions.

The Planet Calls team is very good at learning how to do things sustainably since it is the goal that drives us all. Now more than ever, we can offer corporate companies innovations that help modify environments sustainably. We have many incredible startups in our ecosystem, all working day and night to bring innovative and sustainable solutions to the marketplace. With COVID-19 having brought us all to our knees, now more than ever we need these solutions.

From Tanzania to Texas, our startups are pushing ahead, knowing that their mission to make the planet a better place is more urgent and important than ever before. The time to act is now!

COVID-19 has highlighted the importance of preparedness:

1. Less travel, less commuting, less emissions could result in less manufacturing, but this would have a more positive environmental impact. Less emissions mean less damage to our planet. Remote working is a fantastic solution to the commuting problem that wreaks havoc on the planet. Companies are having a taste of remote working now during this crisis. Let’s hope many workers can continue working from home when this is all over.

2. Create new habits: cook and eat a healthier diet with less fast food and support local. This way we become less reliant on the foreign food supply chain and we become more self-sustaining.

3. How do we cooperate as nations, as communities, how we share and support one another? Solidarity is our bigger future.

In times of crisis, community is where we must look first.

Planet over Profit is our Motto. As financial markets crash all around us we are reminded that people, animals, and the planet are more important than money.

If you want to collaborate with us in making our planet a better place for the future, we’d love to hear from you. Drop us a line to

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