COVID-19 Has Highlighted the Important Role of Community in Our Lives

By Bronagh Loughlin 

The COVID-19 pandemic has greatly impacted our lives. We went from being able to go out and socialise, go to our jobs, travel the globe and much more. While the pandemic has been a challenging time for many people with the restrictions and saddening deaths, some interesting consumer trends have come out of it. 

Before, we shopped from all parts of the world without a care in the world. However, when we witnessed our local businesses struggle and having to close their doors or pivot, we saw the faces behind those businesses and realised the importance in supporting local.  

In addition, with so many people being stuck at home and bored, we have seen a rise in people getting creative and creating their own products, kickstarting their own businesses. We’ve seen people create their own handmade masks stores on Depop, handmade jewellery and art on Etsy and much more.  

Rather than relying on mass consumerism, we have gone to these local businesses and sellers when we needed something or just to simply support them. With that, the creativity and talents have become more recognised, building social cohesion and a sense of belonging through heart-centred sharing. 

We have become vibrant communities, finding ways to remain connected with one another whilst all undergoing the same challenging situation. There has also been a rise in community volunteerism with tidy towns in various counties and countries partnering up with locals to clean up the streets, plant more flowers to encourage biodiversity and much more. 

This is excellent news not just for our planet but also for our communities. Beautiful communities promote a greater quality of life and economic vitality. In addition, volunteer leadership and involvement can effect change within communities.  

Beyond the volunteerism, there are also great benefits to supporting your local businesses during these hardships and continuing when COVID-19 is just a faint memory. By supporting local, you are essentially supporting the person behind that business who is not involved in any practices that are harmful to the planet or other people.  

You get to play a role in them continuing to live a substantial life whilst doing what they love, versus having to close up shop in light of the current economic issues associated with the pandemic.  

With volunteerism and supporting local at large, everyone is getting recognised for their efforts in relation to creating a beautiful and vibrant community to live in at home. This is not something that should go away when COVID-19 is old news.  

It is essential that we remain connected to one another and keep up this momentum.Community is central to human existence and being part of this, makes us feel as though we belong. Through this connection, we can support one another, empower each other and ignite change.  

We can support the perpetual growth of one another, ourselves and the planet which is in dire need of some tender care. While one person taking action can make a difference, it is clear that in groups, as humans, we are unstoppable. Let’s be the change we want to see and partner up to save our planet. 


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