The Chipko Andolan: From Village Protests to Global Climate Movement

When Greta Thunberg began to challenge world leaders at only 15 years of age, she probably had no idea so many would join her climate strike movement. We learnt from Greta’s actions that when we come together, we can ignite real change. Another movement that did this was the Chipko movement, also called Chipko Andolan. […]

Nature Has Rights Too! What Countries Have Declared These Rights?

The Rights of Nature was born out of a global movement since the promulgation of Ecuador’s Federal Constitution in 2008. They proposed a paradigmatic change for the legal sciences and society. In 1961 the image of the lonely, defenceless, and unique Earth was released for the first time: “The Earth is blue,” said the Soviet […]

Why It’s Crucial That We Maintain Species Diversity

Picture a world where we did not have to worry about the species living on our planet becoming extinct. We could all live at peace with one, thriving on our beautiful planet without these present fears. Unfortunately, this is not the case as biological diversity is currently under threat, on a global scale. Today (May […]

It’s Time to Act Before the Great Green Macaw Goes Extinct

Although a few records of competitor and predator species are registered, which would mean little effect on the survival rates of the Great Green Macaw, some predators will inevitably return when the species does. Reading Time: 5mins The Great Green Macaw is a critically endangered species. The IUCN estimates the number of individuals left in […]