Tackling Our Plastic Issue Starts With the Bag

Plastic bag-free day commences on the 3rd of July. And is a global initiative that aims to eliminate plastic bags. These items begin their life cycle as fossil fuels and become deadly waste, wreaking havoc on islands, beaches, landfills and enter our oceans where they cause further damage. Many animals mistake these shredded plastic bags […]

5 Ways That You Can Protect The Rainforests – World Rainforest Day

Did you know that deforestation causes 15% of global carbon dioxide emissions, which is a massive contributor to climate change? But it’s not hopeless. Reading Time: 3mins Our efforts can reverse the damage already done and stop more from happening in the future. Today is World Rainforest Day (22nd June), so we thought we’d tell […]

World Oceans Day: It Has Never Been More Important to Protect Our Oceans

It is estimated that 90% of ocean species are undiscovered. Reading Time: 3mins World Oceans Day is celebrated on June 8th. Being responsible for the sustenance of a large part of all the economic activity in the world, the importance of oceans to life on Earth is widely known. Oceans are one of the most […]

World Environment Day: We Must Work to Restore Our Ecosystems

Picture a world where all species on Earth are able to live free of any worries. Where pollution and climate change are not the reality of our lives. Our ecosystems would thrive and excel at what they do best, supporting life on Earth. Today (June 5th) marks World Environment Day. This day is celebrated every […]