Before COVID-19 came down on us like a ton of bricks, our team at The Planet Calls was preparing for the future. We’ve been making remote working a priority for a long time. We are all about future-proofing. Our accelerator is virtual, and our team is virtual. Our focus is on solving global environmental challenges. While we were systematically plugging away and building momentum at our sustainability accelerator, things began changing very quickly around us
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Blog DUBLIN, IRELAND – While the production of single-use plastic seems to be increasing despite concerns by the scientific community about the enormous presence of plastic waste in our oceans; The Planet Calls shows once again how it plans to establish strategic partnerships with multiple industry representatives in an attempt to tackle the issue at its origin. Founders of the non-profit accelerator, Amour Setter and Leslie Maliepaard recently announced that they will roll out their
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Blog DUBLIN, IRELAND – A Tanzania-based company pioneering the production of design furniture made from reusable plastic is partnering with The Planet Calls after the successful pathfinder conference in Dublin that caught the attention of authorities to the plastic crisis in the country.   Dunia Designs was created out of a personal desire of its co-founder, Evanna Lyons, to clean a dirt road in the African country. The idea was so popular among locals and with
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Having introduced many startups to investors over the past few years (mainly through my investment events at Kukhula-Tech), I wanted to share some tips on how to maximize your startup pitch to investors. Many startups walk away from investor events feeling very disappointed that they were not able to close an investment deal. Your goal at an investor event is not to close a deal, but to get the next meeting. No matter how fantastic
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Being somewhat nervous of public speaking, I made a breakthrough this year with my first TEDx talk in Luxembourg on Sunday, the 8th of December 2019. Driven by my personal mission to help clear the oceans of plastic pollution, I was enormously excited to be sharing my mission through such an incredibly powerful platform. My intention was for people to sit up and understand what a huge problem the oceans and marine life are facing.
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When I tell people I’m a Minimalist most think I’m just using a fancy word for being poor, lol. And that simply isn’t true. In fact, if all you have are your possessions, then you truly are very poor indeed! Nine years ago I literally sold up everything I owned and hit the road with my sixteen-year-old son to become a Digital Nomad. People thought I’d completely lost the plot. “Mid-life crises?” my friendly neighbor inquired
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