By Bronagh Loughlin According to Buy Clean Energy, “using clean, renewable energy is one of the most important actions you can take to reduce your impact on the environment”. The global climate is rapidly changing which poses increasing risks for both the environment and human health. These changes are occurring because large amounts of greenhouse gases are being released into the atmosphere as a result of human activity worldwide.  Burning fossil fuels is not working,
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BY MIKE KOPPE Being a green company or brand is mandatory nowadays. B2B, B2C and B2G clients ask for it and some requirements are even legally binding standards. But how does a brand become a green brand? “A brand is a name, term, design, symbol, or any other feature that identifies one seller’s good or service as distinct from those of other sellers” (American Marketing Association).  According to this definition, just painting your brand green
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By Leslie Maliepaard How exactly does one adopt a biobased economy where the world has seamlessly undergone a paradigm shift toward sustainability? I’m a person accustomed to change and one who is always in pursuit of improving systems that will amplify sustainability, so this is a question that’s often on my mind. If there was a simple answer then we would have already undertaken this transition 10 years ago. The challenge lies in the fact
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RanMarine Technology and The Planet Calls are pleased to announce their newly minted strategic partnership. Combining RanMarine’s award-winning technology for cleaning the world’s waters and The Planets Calls’ unwavering mission for a greener and more sustainable planet, it’s a first-of-its kind partnership that forges a new way forward. In a referral partner agreement, the brands have come together on a unique platform to address the alarmingly compounding issue of the plastic pollution crisis.  In some
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Dublin, Ireland – Green consumerism is on the rise. The sustainable movement is gaining momentum. More than ever before, people want their purchases to reflect their beliefs. And now there is a global sustainable communication agency to help your brand step up. Initially launched as a sustainability accelerator to support the commercialisation of innovative green solutions, The Planet Calls underwent a transformation under lockdown, re-emerging as a non-profit sustainable communication agency to help brands to
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By Leslie Maliepaard Creating zero-waste meals for your family is much easier than you think. But let’s face it, creating healthy meals while avoiding plastic is pretty hard to achieve. Whether it’s planning meals, sourcing ingredients or choosing plastic free options, there’s a lot to learn. I’m a busy entrepreneur with an eight-year old daughter whom I’m home schooling at the moment, due to Covid-19. I’m preparing meals for 4 people every day in our
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My mother was a glamorous entrepreneur who owned a hairdressing salon and designer fashion boutique when I was growing up. Women wanted to look good and she was their go-to girl. So it made sense to me that she had to be a walking advertisement for her business. Always perfectly made up and never a hair out of place, driving to work in her red Mercedes Benz with an Isadora Duncan scarf wrapped around her
All Posts   DUBLIN, IRELAND – The planet says thanks twice as much when innovators put their minds together to help solve the most immediate issues of our time. That is what Zoe Hertelendi, Amour Setter and Leslie Maliapaard are showing to the market with the launch of a new line of “greener” hand sanitisers that have reusability in the design of the product. Early in the year, The Planet Calls sustainability accelerator joined forces with
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DUBLIN, IRELAND – Following the recent agreement between The Planet Calls and Groningen Seaports, that once again set Ireland and The Netherlands as evident choices for investors, the founders of the sustainability accelerator together with WorldStartup will develop a programme for companies transitioning our society to Circular Economy. The new partnership will foster “Blue Growth” innovations by connecting the specialities of Leslie Maliepaard and Amour Setter with the operational structure brought in by WorldStartup in
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All we seem to be hearing about in the media is how many people have been killed by COVID-19. But it’s not all about doom and gloom. While we may be feeling very frustrated due to cancelled flights, events and family reunions, Planet Earth is taking a much-needed break from the everyday pollution during factory closures and reduced C02 emissions. According to a recent article in ScienceAlert, Stanford University environmental resource economist Marshall Burke did
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Blog Asking a human to practice social distancing is probably one of the most difficult things to do. We are, by nature, very social creatures. But as we all know, social distancing is effective in slowing down the spread of COVID-19. Being in isolation unfortunately also has its downside. According to an article in Science Alert, socially isolated people are less able to deal with stressful situations. They’re also more likely to feel depressed and
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Before COVID-19 came down on us like a ton of bricks, our team at The Planet Calls was preparing for the future. We’ve been making remote working a priority for a long time. We are all about future-proofing. Our accelerator is virtual, and our team is virtual. Our focus is on solving global environmental challenges. While we were systematically plugging away and building momentum at our sustainability accelerator, things began changing very quickly around us
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