Our vision is to educate every human, young and old, about sustainability and the circular economy so that they may be more empowered to change.  Because change begins at home, and when more people are educated about how to make small changes in their daily lives, the greater chance we all have to make a significant global impact. 

Armed with the talents and skills of our incredible volunteers, we aspire to educate people through our blogs, videos, reports, infographics, and other powerful visual materials.


Our mission is to accelerate change by reaching the global population through the power of social media. Globally, 3.96 billion people were actively using social in 2020. And the numbers are growing.

Why we need The Planet Calls

In our world of instant gratification and consumerism, many people have utterly forgotten how to treat Planet Earth with respect. We buy things we don’t need with money we don’t have to impress people we don’t even like! That means the stuff we buy ends up in landfills and in the ocean, killing our precious wild and marine life. The average person has no clue as to how toxic their behaviour is and what detriment it has on our sensitive ecologies. We believe when more people become educated about how to treat the earth with respect and care, we will have a much brighter future.


An Irish NGO foundation focused on sustainability and circular economy advocacy.

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